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Troy Stanley, Technical director of Resource Techniques, announces an exciting new Marketing Campaign, offering FREE website review.

Troy Stanley, Technical Director at Resource Techniques specialising in website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)for the estate agents market and a strong advocate of web based and SEO marketing methods for the estate agent sector, today announced the launch of the latest Resource Techniques marketing campaign '3 seconds to impress'.

At the campaign launch Troy Stanley, discussing the '3 seconds' campaign, which focuses not only on estate agents but anyone with an underperforming website, confirms 'the majority of website owners particularly those in highly competitive industries like the estate agents sector, all too often neglect their website believing it will somehow look after its self. It's not until they have already started to lose business to their competition that their attention is re focused on their websites importance, particularly when over 70% of customers see your website as their first introduction to your business. It is therefore critical that web site owners are aware just how importance their web site is".

Talking about the '3 Seconds' campaign, Troy Stanley went on to say '3 Seconds' campaign attempts to underline and heighten the importance estate agents and business owners should place on the website and their web based marketing strategy. 3 seconds is the amount of time your website has to impress the user, from the point the user enters your website, if their interest is not captured during this time and they press the back button and exit your site, all of your investment both financially and time has been wasted'

Continuing, Troy Stanley went on to say 'generally, website owners don't connect the design of their website with its performance in terms of SEO, or in plain English, where their web site is ranked within Google, here at Resource Techniques, our belief is that the two elements of a website, design and SEO, are intrinsically linked and all of our websites are constructed to ensure the site not only looks amazing and has state of the art functionality but that it performs in terms of SEO, the proof of this being that 98% of the web sites we're produced are on page one of Google for their required search terms'

Summing up the '3 seconds' campaign Troy Stanley concluded by saying 'putting our money where our mouth is we are offering a totally FREE (without obligation) website review, this review will look at your existing website from both a design and function point of view as well as how well it performs in terms of SEO, pointing out where appropriate where the site could be improved and, being honest, where a website designed and built by Resource Techniques would outperform their existing site, and it's totally FREE'.

- Troy Stanley 2009

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