5 Annoying Social Habits

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5 Annoying Social Habits


Social networking habits are easy to fall into. While most may be minor habits that go barely noticed, there are some habits that can be damaging to you and your brand by making you look lazy or unprofessional.

Here is a list of the most common habits that could be annoying your users:

1) Ignoring questions

If someone reaches out to you asking for help or makes a query, try to respond to it as soon as possible. You may not be sat in front of your PC all day but you should allocate times to check your social accounts and respond to queries. 

2) Overcompensating for inactivity

Sometimes Estate Agents drop off the radar for a few days or weeks, which of course is a problem in itself but they seem to think they can make up for their absence by posting numerous updates in one go.

People may have already started to unfollow you because of your inactive account but one sure way to get unfollowed is by clogging up your followers feed.

3) Overloading Hashtags

Overloading hashtags is an exceptionally annoying social habit. The hashtag is a brilliant way to provide context and categories content to reach your audience.

However many abuse this by cramming as many hashtags as possible into a single tweet. Limit yourself to two hashtags per post on Twitter.

4) Unnecessary links within posts

Whenever you are posting an article, video or property onto your social page, the majority of sites will upload a thumbnail containing further details regarding the link. Since these sites also provide a more clickable link for you, there is no need to keep the actual link in the text.

No post needs two links to the same page.

5) Asking for shares and retweets

Never ask for your followers or fans to retweet or share posts, not only does it come across desperate but it offers no engagement.

The only people that will oblige are your closest friends or colleagues; everyone else simply ignores it and will be annoyed by the begging. People will only share things that are of interest to them and their friends, not because you ask them too.