Unlock The Huge Potential Of Facebook Marketing

With considerably more than 31 million active Facebook users in the UK, this is almost 60% of the population, and incredible still growing at 6 new users every second… Facebook is fast becoming the go to place for the tech savvy advertiser, which is no surprise when you consider the marketing opportunities of having access to the enormous database of people visiting Facebook every day.

Facebook marketing for estate agents, certainly in the UK, is a largely untapped resource, with most agents focused on property portals and conventional marketing channels. So just for a moment consider having direct access to the vast majority of your local target audience. Potential vendors, Landlords, buyers and sellers, and importantly, before they even think about picking the phone up to an estate agent.

How much of an advantage would the ability to directly market to the many 10’s of thousands of active Facebook users within your local area offer you? More interesting when you consider what Facebook know about their users, as when you create your Facebook profile it innocently asks a host of fairly personal questions relating to you and your interests. Like how old you are, where you live, your gender, habits, interests, places you visit, stuff you like etc, etc.

What Facebook offer the professional marker is intelligent market segmentation, so very specific target marketing campaigns can be created that enable businesses to focus precisely on their target audience. This enables estate agents to specifically target people of a target age range, that live within a target geographic postcode location, of a certain demographic and even those with special interests.

In the USA, Facebook is revolutionising the way ‘real estate’ agents market not only themselves but also property listings to their own unique local target audience. It makes perfect sense, identify the locations you wish to target, decide on the age range and demographic and directly market your brand, services or products to this huge audience.

The statistics are so overwhelming it’s hard to get your head around them…

The statistics -

Facebook - Users by age/gender

The graphic below shows a snap shot of UK Facebook users segmented into age range and gender split, which shows the target audience of most estate agents being the 3 fastest growing segments 20-29, 30-39, 40- 49.

Facebook - Users 2014-17 by age

The following graphic shows the age segmentation from 2014 to 2017, above this confirms the penetration and growth of the key target audiences for the real estate sector -

Facebook - Business user statistics

How to get started -

Creating a basic targeted marketing campaign is not beyond most technically capable Facebook users. All that you require is a message, to decide on your target audience, agree a budget and set up your business account.

Though to be clear, this is not about simply boosting your Facebook business page and marketing to your current followers, this is about utilising the entire Facebook database of people and targeting those that you consider worth reaching. It’s powerful and has huge potential to deliver real business opportunities.

Benefits of a fully managed service -

If like many of our clients, you want to take this to the next level, a professional fully managed service will deliver higher levels of reach, a higher percentage of engagement and a great return on investment.

The benefits a fully managed service will offer you and your business are listed below, but like all managed services offered by Resource Techniques, our experience, knowledge, expertise and creative input our marketing team bring will maximise your opportunities and ensure the best results are achieved.

  1. Experts - We have team of experts that will design an end to end bespoke Facebook marketing solution. We create tailored marketing campaigns designed specifically for your brand and the agreed messaging objectives.
  2. Segmentation - We understand Facebooks segmentation and are able to finely tune this to carefully identify your exact target audience.
  3. Payment plans - We understand the various campaign payment plans and which of these deliver the best value for money for your campaign.
  4. Statistical Analysis - We produce statistical analysis and compare this against our benchmark campaign metrics to ensure your budget is being correctly invested.

A fully managed service will include -

Facebook Targeted Marketing -

i) Creative, design and production costs for campaign creation

ii) Setup advertising account with Facebook

iii) Agree and configure targeted audience (Age, Location, Demographic)

iv) Agree and configure and maintain campaign timings and budget

v) Monthly statistics production


If running a Facebook marketing campaign is something you are interested in, please contact us -