Don’t be out tech’d - Be the best!


Are you being out tech’d?

As the seemingly never ending onslaught of the new breed of online estate agents continues to gain market share, with their often impressive web technology developed by very well-funded organisations and offering extremely low cost selling fees, it can seem overwhelming for the traditional high street agent.

Competing with these technology heavy weights, to some, may seem impossible, but think again. Having the best business website technology in your town has never been more crucial to the modern high street agent. With so much competition, from online agents to the local high street agents, all fighting for the same diminishing market share, estate agency has never been so tough.

Truly great website technology is available at prices that are not beyond the budget of the high street estate agent. Similar to estate agents, the web technology business is often approached by simply finding the cheapest website supplier… however, if you are genuinely looking for the best estate agency website that’s the top lead generating website in town. This is never going to be the cheapest option available!

Today in the tech savvy world that we all operate in, where the majority of business is done using mobile technology, a good user friendly experience is key. From being highly ranked in Google’s search results to clever user engagement, to actual led generation. This type of quality product is what the enlightened estate agent is investing in.

Resource Techniques are specialists in developing technology for estate agents and have been doing so for over 30 years. Offering a quality end to end, pixel perfect, user centric experience is our business.

Don’t be out tech’d, be the best.

Having a truly beautiful and highly functioning website is vital to help you stand out from the crowd.

However, beauty isn’t enough in the online world, it obviously helps but without the full package you will lose out on a great deal of business.

At Resource Techniques strive to make your website the best of the best and here’s how we do it:

Fabulous design


Our creative team is fully qualified with years of experience, designing and creating the best websites on the market.

We always aim to create striking websites that leave a lasting impression on the user.

Check out our portfolio today.



When it comes to web design, design and usability goes hand in hand. One without the other just isn’t enough in today’s world.

If your website is confusing, slow, overcrowded and/or difficult to navigate, today’s users will be less likely to put up with it, leading to them abandoning your website and choosing to go to one of your competitors who provide a better service.

It is crucial that you provide your target audience with a website that performs seamlessly without complaint. You don’t want your clients to have to hang around and getting frustrated waiting for your website to load do you?

We strive to make your website as fast, simple and clear as it can possibly be to ensure your target audience loves using your website every time.



Having a mobile-friendly website is more than just having a website that works on a mobile. It’s about having a fully functioning website that performs exactly the same as your website would on a desktop PC or laptop but on a screen a faction of the size.

This means having a fully adjustable website that can stretch and shrink to any screen size without affecting the usability, layout, quality and/or speed of the website.

We have a great deal of experience in mobile user-experience and have applied this to all of our websites to ensure that they do not only look great on a mobile device but they also perform seamlessly and flawlessly.



Not only does your website have to perform for your target audience, it also has to perform for the search engines in order for you to be found.

Unless your website appears within the first 5 positions of Google for your chosen keyword, the chances that your potential customers won’t be able to see you and will be force to go to your competitors who rank higher than you will significantly increase.

Here at Resource Techniques, we work with you to ensure you rank as highly as possible within Google so new potential customers will see you first before they have the chance to check out your competition.

Don’t let your competition out rank you!

Future proof


Technology moves fast, so we aim to create and build a website that will last you years! This involves building your website on a flexible platform which enables our team to continually work on improving the foundation of your website as well as adding vital new technologies that will inevitably come along in the future.

Our ability and dedication to keep your websites functionality fresh and up-to-date, really sets us apart from our competition.

Fully supported


Here at Resource Techniques, we employ a team of people to help you make your website perform to the best of its ability.

Any problems you have you can speak directly with one of our web support team members who will answer and solve any and all of your web queries, even if it isn’t regarding your website. No tickets or queuing, our web support team are just a phone call away.

We go above and beyond to help you understand all your web needs.

For any further information regarding how we can set you apart from competition, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.