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Software for Estate Agents - Cloud based Estate agency software
Our philosophy and pedigree

Resource Techniques have been building estate agency software for over 30 years. Agency software is in our DNA, it's our passion, it's what we spend much of our time thinking about and developing new ideas and technologies for. It's an obsession but one that we are totally committed to and whole heartedly believe in. This belief, this ethos, is why we have such a strong, loyal customer base, many of which have been with us from the beginning. It is perhaps this, that is our greatest asset and testament, as whilst we are fundamentally a technology and innovation company our business is very clearly focused on our customers. We operate in a hugely competitive market, with some very large corporate competition with seemingly bottomless pockets for marketing. This requires us to be different, work smarter; to engage with our customers and offer the levels of individual customer service that only a specialist bespoke Software Company can offer.

We are not a huge faceless corporation with hidden agendas; we remain a vehemently independent, privately owned and boutique by nature. The agile character of our business allows us to be flexible, enabling us to react quickly to the fast paced and ever changing technological landscape. We believe that this is why our software is considered world class and in our humble opinion, why it is as fantastically awesome as it is... But don't take our word for it, take a look for yourself and arrange a free demonstration.

Our heritage

During the 3 decades that we have been developing software systems, much has changed, certainly when you consider 'Moore's law' predicted, back in 1965, that computing power would double every 2 years. This prediction made by Mr Gordon E Moore, co-founder of processor giant Intel has proven to be accurate and remains today some 50 years later. Another great statistic is that there is more commuting power in your iPhone than was available to the Apollo 11 space craft that first landed man on the moon, a scary thought...

These huge leaps forward in technology have allowed for greater diversity in computer systems. 30 years ago we could not have predicted that people would have pocket sized computers, 100 times faster than the mainframe computers of the day and with super-fast access to a World Wide Web. This would have been the stuff of science fiction then and who knows what the next 30 years will bring.

It is amazing to think that we have been developing software systems during this exciting period of technological advancement.

Resource Techniques was started by Ian Penman, who remains as our chairman to this day. Ian recognised the growth and huge advancement of the PC (Personal Computer) away from the cumbersome main frame systems of the day; this was during the mid to late 1970's. Having identified the burgeoning PC market, with the massive possibilities for business, Resource Techniques was born. Our software systems for the estate agency sector have maintained pace technology trends over the years and have obviously evolved tremendously during this period. Our product lines today are fully integrated cloud based system, allowing our estate agent clients to work from just about anywhere in the world. 

Cloud technology for the modern estate agent

RT Live, our latest product for the real estate sector, is a full cloud software system, from a technical point of view; this means that both software and data are hosted on the internet. As opposed to being installed and stored on the user's personal computer. Cloud software for an estate agent offers the user significant advantages over conventional PC based systems. Primarily accessibility is the key advantage, allowing anytime, anyplace, anywhere working practices, as the software is literally available anywhere (where there is access to the internet) and on any device. So if you only have your iPhone or any smartphone with a 3G connection, you can still run your business.

Our cloud software is a fully integrated product allowing for property information to be added from anywhere and made available to their public facing website in real time… In practice this means that new property instructions or changes to existing can be made from anywhere, emailed to potential buyers and posted to their website instantly. So multiple agency property instructions can be processed, emailed and on your website by the time you leave the property.     

Unlike many other cloud systems RT Live requires nothing to be downloaded to your local PC. This offers estate agents freedom from their desk and the ability to work from anywhere, and from any device with an internet connection.

Security and hosting

Cloud based systems are only as good as the technology used to host them. All websites, which is what cloud software is (one only available to those that subscribe to the service); rely not simply on the software company that produce it but also the company chosen to host it. To be clear, all website design companies use hosting providers, meaning they effectively rent space on a server to host their website. Websites are then stored on very powerful servers and made available to the World Wide Web. The importance of this should never be underestimated, as without it, there is no website which means no software...

Resource Techniques take the responsibility of providing hosting systems and 'uptime' seriously (Uptime is the amount of time servers are up and running), our chosen hosting partners 'Rackspace' are the Rolls Royce of hosting, their reputation for providing hosting is second to none, with clients like the MOD, The British Army, NHS, TFL and Vodafone to name just a few you can only imagine how bulletproof their cloud systems have to be able to attract these types of client.

Rackspace and their engineers are today an integral part of the Resource Techniques service, their 'fanatical support' team work alongside of our development and in-house support teams to ensure that our cloud systems are always on and properly optimised. The key reason for our choice in using Rackspace was their ability to offer a 100% uptime guarantee for their cloud hosting service; this means that we can be entirely confident in offering our RT Live service with a similar guarantee.

The cloud hosting technology we utilise offers similar levels of security and encryption used by banking and credit card sites. And as your data is held within the cloud we take care of your data backup as well.

Benefits of using Cloud based estate agency software