Make Your Audience Want To Come Back For More

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Make Your Audience Want To Come Back For More


It is clear that every business needs to attract customers in order to find success, but how can you ensure they return to use your services after their first visit? The simple answer is to give your potential customers exactly what they want, a reliable, enjoyable and smooth experience.

To ensure your potential customers return again and again, check out our loyalty building tips to help you generate repeated business and increase recommendations:

1) Be accessible

It is very important that you are easy to find through Google, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else your audience may search for you. You should also be easy to contact on a mobile device, your website and all major social networks.

2) Stay connected

Reply to emails quickly, reach out through social media, and respond to their comments and concerns as fast as possible. When a customers or potential customer knows you value their business, they will remember you in the future.

3) Add value

As an estate agent it is likely that your area is a competitive one, giving your potential customers a lot of options to choose from. Try to offer your customers something different, something more. You need to stand out from your competition; this may be a smooth online experience with responsive web design or simply a superb customer service. These will be memorable perks that could lead to repeat business and recommendations.

4) Make everything easy

A smooth experience will help customers remember your business as a suitable place to return or recommend. Your estate agency website needs to be visually appealling, easy to use and fast on any device. Your website is likely to be the first place of contact for many of your customers; it is vital that it is accessible for all users and makes a last impression.

5) Keep active

Once a client has used your services it is easy for you to slip their minds, so you need to ensure you stay active on their mind. In this digital age, updating and informing existing and potential customers has never been easier. Ensure you get their email address and add them to your weekly/monthly mailing list. Informative and educational newsletters are the best way to keep your audience informed without having them unsubscribe.

You should also get customers to like or follow you on Facebook and Twitter and then deliver them daily news regarding your industry and/or the local area. This will ensure your brand stays in mind giving them more reasons to return and/or recommend your business in the future. 

Luke Stanley