Get More From Your Social Posts

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Get More From Your Social Posts


Starting and maintaining a social media campaign isn’t an easy task to take on, but if you take the right steps and approach it correctly you will have a huge impact on the results you see from your social media campaign.

Here are 8 different social media post ideas that are proven to be effective:

1) Images, images, images

This rule applies for almost every social network. People love images and people love sharing images, so make sure you include great images within almost every post.

2) Be creative

It is important that you experiment and try something new occasionally to see how your audience reacts. Analyse its effectiveness and if it doesn’t produce good results you can simply scrap it and try something else. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

3) Quality posts trumps quantity

Don’t bombard your followers with hundreds of posts. Only share the best content.

4) Limit the self-promotions

Many estate agents get into social media because they think it is another platform to share their properties and continually self-promote. Instead social media should be used as a platform to build awareness and trust, the less you promote and the more valued content you post, the more likely you are to attract a larger audience. 

5) Share existing content

Creating amazing content is great but not everything you share needs to be made from scratch or even created by you. There is so much information online which you can use to draw in your followers.

6) Test and analyse

It is important to test your social experiments to see if they are working. The more you use social media, the more likely you are to know if your post will be a success or not. However, you shouldn’t really on intuition alone, instead monitor every piece of information. This will allow you to see what types of content works and what doesn’t, what generate clicks and what draws in a larger crowd.

By doing this you will be able to plan a more successful campaign in the future. 

7) Stay up-to-date with your industry

It’s not only vital that you monitor your own social efforts but you really should watch what your competition and other industry professionals are talking about.

Just seeing what others are talking about is likely to give you lots of inspiration for new posts and content.

8) Understand what being social really means

To achieve success with your social media campaign, you first need to understand what social media is, how it can benefit you and set achievable goals. Spend time on social media platforms; discover what your audience likes and what they don’t and ensure you are consistent with your activity.


Social media isn’t an easy and finding true success is very hard, however if you stick with it, create, find and post valuable information then you are sure to generate lots of clicks from it. 

Luke Stanley