8 Fixes to Ensure Your Website Runs Smoothly

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8 Fixes to Ensure Your Website Runs Smoothly


When was the last time you reviewed and updated your website?

For most estate agents, this will be when their website was launched. They will either be too busy, or not realise how important their website is to the success of their business.

Your website is there to promote your business 24/7, providing your potential and existing customers with valuable information and displaying what you have to offer constantly.

Here are 8 things you need to check and update to ensure your website keeps running smoothly:

1) Broken Links

It is important your website has no broken links and if your website is old, then it is likely to have some. There are plenty of free broken link checkers out there so there’s no excuse for your website to have broken links.

2) Typos

No one likes typos and they will make you look unprofessional. Every website has them; especially if you publish a lot of content and it can be hard for the author to spot it themselves so make sure your content is checked and fixed quickly.

3) Navigation

The navigation is vital to the usability of your website. You need to keep it simple, intuitive and clear. The primary navigation should be reserved only for the most important pages. It’s important your audience doesn’t have to hunt around for what they are looking for. As your website evolves over time, this may change so ensure it is up-to-date and clear.

4) Mobile-friendly

Your website must be easy to read and use from any device no matter how big or small, and if it isn’t it will cost you in rankings, traffic, valuable leads and business. The majority of your audience will use their mobile devices continually throughout the day so make sure their experience on your website is a pleasurable one.

5) Update important pages

Your business is likely to change with time, so it is important that you keep your website up-to-date with the latest information. Make sure your staff profile bios and headshots are updated as well as add your new employees, and remove people who’ve left. Also ensure your contact information is correct and recent testimonials have been uploaded.

6) Update general content

The important pages on your site must come first, but that doesn’t mean the rest of your website’s content doesn’t need updating too. Ask yourself, is the content compelling? Does it have great call to actions? Does the page include imagery? If not, then it’s time to be updated!

7) Update the design

Web design trends come and go, so it can make websites that are a few years old look ancient. Sometimes a fresh look can go a long way and give your website the boost it needs.

8) Add social links

If you are active on social media, make sure you publicise this clearly on your website. Also include share links on all your property listing to ensure people can share them quickly and easily. 

Luke Stanley