SEO for Estate Agents

seo for estate agents

Resource Techniques provide a full organic search engine optimisation (SEO) service for Estate Agents as well as all other property industry professionals including commercial agents and letting agents.

Our impressive SEO package consists of the following four processes listed below.

SEO services we provide:

Search Engine Optimisation for Estate Agents has become the domain of the specialist, and whilst a great looking web site is crucial, high rankings within search engines like Google has never been more important.



Do I need SEO?

If you are looking to grow your business, having a website that is fully optimised for the search engines is a MUST. When people are looking to sell their properties, they will turn to online search engines to search for the best estate agent in their area.

SEO will improve your website’s overall chances of being found online by making it more searchable and visible, which in turn will lead to more traffic and leads.


How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Estate Agents targets particular keywords that property searchers will type into Google to find your website. If you have a well optimised website you will appear higher in the search engines meaning you will receive more traffic to your website.



Estate Agents can check their own SEO

Estate Agents can perform a self-check by typing 'Estate Agents in (followed by the relevant town or area)' into Google, for example "Estate Agents in Leicester" or "Estate Agents in Canary Wharf". Currently 98% of our customers are on page 1 of Google. Is your website at the top of Google?



How is Resource Techniques' SEO different?

In recent years we have developed our technology to ensure that SEO runs through all of our products, Search Engine Optimisation shouldn't be an afterthought when building a website. At Resource Techniques it's at the very core of all of our Estate Agents website designs.



Free web site review

Are you concerned about your SEO?
We will happily provide you with a free review of your existing website with absolutely no obligation covering an - in depth analysis of the terms that members of the general public will search for to visit an Estate Agent's website.