5 Reasons To Start Email Marketing

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5 Reasons To Start Email Marketing


Email marketing is still one of the leading online marketing strategies with the best return on investment for any business. Not only is it one of the most effective marketing solutions enabling you to expand your reach and draw in a larger audience, it can also help towards other marketing campaigns.

Here are 5 reasons you should start email marketing:

1) HUGE potential

More than 3.5 billion email accounts worldwide, of which 91% of them check their emails at least once a day. You already have massive database of client emails just sitting there. Making use of these emails will help to expand your reach, build brand/product awareness and drive more people to your website.

2) GREATER reach

The potential reach between social media and email is very different.

The potential reach in terms of social media is based on the number of followers you have. However the true number is considerably less as your content only reaches a small fraction of your followers.

Again, email is only opened by a fraction of the subscribers but the email still reached the audience. The recipient still sees the email having the option to read it or not.

3) HIGHER return on investment

In business, results are all that matter and one of the main reasons businesses invest in email marketing is due to its high ROI. Both email and social media require time, effort and costs but the estimated ROI is typically around £40 for every £1 invested for email. Most marketers believe this is still one of the best marketing platforms.

4) WIDELY accepted

Amazingly, the majority of email marketing messages are welcomed by users. With compliance laws and regulations in place to protect users’ accounts and data from abuse, features such as unsubscribe buttons allow users to easily select who they receive messages from. Users subscribe based on personal interests and relevant information and can unsubscribe easily if they aren’t please.

Even if the emails are promotional, 77% prefer to receive promotes by email, while only 4% accepted promotional posts on Facebook.

5) BETTER analytics

Social media still lacks in the analytics department and although it has improved over the years it still can’t compare to the metrics email provides.

Growth, open rate, click rate, complaints, unsubscribes and you can even track sales and return on investment from that.

While other online marketing may steal the spotlight, email marketing is proven to deliver excellent results across all industries including estate agents. Include a email campaign into your next marketing budget to experience its unmatched advantages. 

Luke Stanley