The best estate agent websites

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The best estate agent websites

Producing quality estate agent websites, combined with state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and estate agent software is what Resource Techniques does best. Over the years we have provided some stunning websites that impress the public on a daily basis. Therefore Resource Techniques has decided to share with how to create the best website for estate agents.

Our favoured Estate Agency Homepage’s

Here is our list of most favoured estate agency website, along with the best types of homepage designs you can have:

1. Resource Techniques’ flagship website Atkinson’s Residential estate agents in Enfield (see above), is a stunning website. First entering the website, users are greeted by a striking image then the eye is drawn to the prominent property search button central to the page. Estate agents, remember that 96% of people accessing an estate agent website go straight to property search.

 elegant rt website.jpg


2. Penyards is another one of our prized websites, dealing with country estates in Hampshire. This homepage is beautiful, sophisticate and elegant. The website just draws the user in with its well positioned call-to-actions and great visual appeal. Visit to experience it yourself!

Penyards has also embraced social networking with both arms. Visit their Twitter profile to see prime examples of estate agent social networking.

big imagery rt website.jpg

3. Keats country, estate agents in Hampshire, has taken the large imagery approach with this fantastic landscape image which fits in perfectly with their branding. The vibrant colours and clear call-to-action demonstrates great navigation and usability as well as having a visual appeal to entice the user.

Keats has also embraced social networking. Visit their Facebook profile for inspiration.

wide static images rt website.jpg

4. Clarke Gammon is one of Surrey’s most respected independent estate agents. The website has a very modern and elegant feel to it, again with clear call-to-actions that guide the user through the property search process. There are individual colours that catch the eye. One example is the colouring from the logo, this is present throughout and is utilised in the property search button.

big elegant imagery rt website.jpg

5. Whitehouse Residential estate agents in Enfield, shows us simplicity at its best. Clear, simple and stylish, giving the users exactly what they want without the confusing clutter.  

There are common elements throughout each of the estate agent website designs. Each one has large imagery, clear 'Call to Actions', and the organisation of the elements is clearly laid out.

Quality websites like these only come through an in-depth knowledge and experience from an industry specialist, estate estates should not accept second best for their websites.

However websites are more than just a homepage. Property search, the latest viewer technology with high resolution pictures, Google Street View, Google maps, printable property particulars should be a necessity for every estate agent website. If property portals are able to offer these features, why shouldn't estate agents?

What functionality must every estate agents website have?

Prominent search function

People are coming to your website to search for property so give the user what they want. A clear call-to-action is a must on any website to help guide the user, all websites for estate agents should ensure their property search function is prominent on the homepage and not buried within the site.  

Property search using Google Maps

map rt website.jpg

A Google map that is embedded directly into the estate agent website is a modern requirement. It gives users even more interactivity than ever before. Local amenities such as school, doctors or vets can be plotted by the user to give them an idea of the surrounding area. Not only that, but it looks very pretty!

Outstanding individual property details

All property details should look like this. Large imagery, user-friendly interface, clear contact details, and all organised so that it is visually stunning.

Embedded property particulars

Many estate agent websites only have a 'printable version' of their property particulars and customers are able to get hold property particulars from the post or directly from the estate agent showroom. Being able to download, save and print property particulars at any time is useful for the user and it also saves estate agents time and money!

High Resolution photos

high res rt website.jpg

All photos are embedded into the website with the latest viewer technology. One simple click on 'Close' on the top right hand corner or off the photo brings the user directly back to where they were. No pop-ups, no extra tabs. Website designer’s call this 'sticky' which is the ability to keep users stuck to the website.

Embedded Google Street View

Google Street View is a great tool to help the user visualise the area in which the property is located. Google Street View covers around 95% of the UK meaning almost all your property listings will be found on Street View.

Embedded EPC and Floorplann

Like all every other feature, the EPCs and floorplans are embedded into the website and a simple click of 'Close' or on any other part of the website brings the user straight back to the property that they were looking at. This, as mentioned before, is the latest viewer technology. Companies such as Sony and the BBC use this technology on their websites.

Large, clear icons

Not always a feature when reviewing websites, but is just as important. Large clear icons give the user a whole range of features from saving properties and email alerts to emailing a friend about that particular property whilst being clear and concise.

Resource Techniques is an industry specialist in estate agent websites, our experience and knowledge of the field puts the company at the forefront the industry. Each year Resource Techniques invests heavily in new technologies to guarantee that we continue to stay at the top. We are able to provide this whilst keeping our prices affordable for today's modern estate agents.

Social icons

Social media has taken over the web; every estate agent should make it easy to share their content through social networks whether it is a recent blog post or a property listing. Including these social icons throughout your website will not only make it easy for the user to share your content but it also promotes your social presence.

Mobile websites


On average 40% of traffic to an estate agency website comes from a mobile device. Using a website that has been designed for a desktop on a mobile can be very difficult to do. It’s never been more important to have a website that is fully functional and easy to use from a mobile device.

To find out how you can achieve a better website, request a Website Review.