5 Ways To Boost Your Brand

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5 Ways To Boost Your Brand


Most estate agents are all selling the same thing and although some of you do it differently, to the general public there isn’t much of a difference between your services.

So, what makes them chose you over someone else?

Multiple factors can come into the decision-making process but one of the primary factors is branding.

Your brand is probably already set up with a brand message, visual and character but where many brands fall behind is establishing brand authority. When people see your brand, if you are seen as an expert in the industry, they will be more likely to trust your services which in turn will make them more likely to use your services.

This authority comes from providing your audience with valuable information. You become a resource for people instead of just an estate agent, boosting your authority and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Here are 5 ways to help you boost your brand and become an industry leader:

1) Produce informative content

Publishing content online is the best way to show off your expertise as an estate agent and as the local area expert. There are many forms of content you can use to get your message across such as articles, infographics, video and imagery.

All you have to do is provide your audience with insights into your field and local area through interesting, informative and education content which answers the questions your audience didn’t even know to ask.

This type of content will encourage people to visit your website through a number of different challenges and use your services as they will trust you know what you are talking about.

2) Send newsletters

You need to get your message and content in front of your audience’s eyes. A newsletter is a great strategy you can use to spread your message. You will already have a huge database of email addresses from old and new clients, why waste that data when you can use it to gain more brand authority and increase your brand awareness.

By using a weekly or monthly newsletter to educate your subscribers about what’s happening in your business, industry and local area you will keep your brand fresh in your audience’s mind while demonstrating your expertise by sharing the great content you are producing.

3) Post on social media

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness. Again, social media can help you to get your message and content in front of your audience. These platforms can also help you build a community of loyal followers who will help you expand your message, increase your reach and reinforce your brands authority.

4) Show off testimonials

A company can say whatever they want about themselves, however that doesn’t mean your audience is likely to believe them.

People are more likely to believe what other people have to say about you. This is where genuine testimonials can help boost your brands authority. Include reviews on your website from already authoritative review sites like Google My Business to add authenticity.

People want to know what your existing customer have to say about you, how you faced challenges and exceeded expectations. Even if you get a negative review, how you handle it can say a lot about you.

5) Offer a great user experience

This is of course a given and wont only help improve your brand but pretty much everything else! If your websites user experience is easy to use and seamless, your customers will take you more seriously as a professional.

If your website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, provides the user with everything they want and is generally easy to use, your brand will get a boost.

It’s not enough to just look pretty, your brand needs credibility to draw in those new customers so don’t overlook it.

Luke Stanley