20 minutes a day social strategy for estate agents

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20 minutes a day social strategy for estate agents

For those of you who struggle to find time to work on your social media, here is a 20 minute a day social media strategy.

Estate Agents do tend to struggle managing their social business accounts on a day to day basis, but this 20 minute a day strategy will help you divide your time wisely between the social networks you should be focusing on.

The strategy includes responding to posts, sharing your content and your follower’s content, as well as engaging with users who have liked your content.

We advise you to focus your time onto these 3 social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Twitter – 10 minutes

1. Responding (2 minutes) – spend a few minutes a day responding to any tweets that may have been directed your way.

2. Plan scheduled posts (4 minutes) – plan out your tweets for the next week including content that’s been recently uploaded to your website, interesting articles you’ve read or events that may be happening in your local area.

3. Share (4 minutes) – check out other peoples and businesses posts, if it’s relevant and valid share the content. This will help you build relationships.

Facebook – 8 minutes

1. Respond and engage (5 minutes) – you need to respond to any comments and spend a few minutes liking the content of your clients, followers and businesses within your industry.

2. Share content (3 minutes) – Post any recent content that you have uploaded to your website or any interesting articles you may have read recently. Try to include images within every post.

Google Plus – 2 minutes

1. Share content (1 minute) – the content you’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook should also be posted on Google+.

2. Start conversations (1 minute)ask your followers questions, try to start a conversation between your followers about hot topics within the industry or local area. 


Luke Stanley