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Resource Techniques

Software & Websites for Estate Agents, using digital technology to help our clients connect with people

We believe that your website is the hub of your organisation's digital universe and perhaps even all of your marketing communication activity.

That is why we use both offline and online tools to help you connect with customers, employees and stakeholders.

Who, Why and What?

Whoever you are trying to reach, the creative technology that we use at Resource Techniques is about enabling you to make and maintain more connections.

But before we deploy anything, we need to understand whom you are trying to reach, why and what outcome you want to achieve. Please tell us more...

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Our Services


We pride ourselves in connecting our clients to their audience via award winning websites.

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Are you being found? We are experienced in achieving top rankings and large amounts of traffic for our clients.

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Social Media

Social media is now a necessity with any business that is serious about their online presence. Get engaged!

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Online Marketing

We provide a full range of online marketing services to help promote your business and increase sells.

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Latest News

Is Email Marketing Really Worth It?

  Many of us overlook Email Marketing as we consider it as an outdated or spammy marketing technique, but it is in fact one of the most effective tactics for raising brand awareness and generating new leads. It has also been proven time and

Luke Stanley

Google’s Augmented Reality Maps

  Augmented Reality along with Virtual Reality has been massively hyped over the last few years but despite its huge potential it has still only hit the mainstream on a few occasions (e.g. Pokemon Go and Snapchat Filters). Now it looks like

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5 Things Your Facebook Followers Hate!

  When posting statuses to your Facebook business page, it is important for you to know what not to post. If you use Facebook personally and follow certain businesses I’m sure you know what sorts of statuses drive you mad. If you aim to

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Stop Using Internet Explorer Says Microsoft

  Incredibly, people are still using Internet Explorer but even Microsoft want those people to stop. Microsoft’s senior cybersecurity expert Chris Jackson posted an article urging users to move to a more modern browser. Microsoft

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