Estate agents don't forget about the Long tail of SEO

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Estate agents don't forget about the Long tail of SEO

Longtail SEOLet's be honest, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is not be a glamorous subject. Estate Agents are constantly reminded by web design and SEO companies that their SEO is bad because of one thing or another so it is understandable why so many Estate Agents switch off.

Resource Techniques, a specialist in estate agent website design and SEO, commend any estate agents are still reading. Taking that step towards understanding SEO may be boring, but will give estate agents an insight into a dimension of their web site that many estate agents overlook.

To learn about SEO please read the basics of SEO for estate agents.

The term the Long Tail has been studied by statisticians for decades but the long tail of SEO was first coined by Chris Anderson in a Wired magazine article in 2004.

The concept states that the total demand for less popular items exceeds the total of the popular items. Therefore the Long tail of SEO means that the total amount of less popular search terms for your website will generate more traffic than all of the most popular terms added together.

According to Eric Enge from Search Engine land, 70% of your search engine traffic comes from the long tail of search terms.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Instead of searching for terms such as 'Estate Agent' or 'property for sale in London', online property searchers will type in the exact area that they are looking to buy. Concentrating your search terms to clearly defined keywords will greatly increase your traffic.'

'Resource Techniques is a specialist estate agent web design company that ensures that the design of our websites maximise the potential traffic for estate agents.' - Troy Stanley.