Whitespace for Estate Agent website designs

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Whitespace for Estate Agent website designs

Whitespace for Estate Agent website designs Whitespace on Estate Agent website design is not a hard concept to grasp by any means, but it could quite possibly be the most underused tool in many designers’ website tool bag. Too many Estate Agent websites are overcrowded and stuffed with as much as they can fit on the screen as possible.

In a recent article, Google announced the top 1000 websites. The Chinese property website soufun.com, which reached number 141 on the list, many will argue that is a clear example of information overload. If you do not have it, Resource Techniques recommends that Estate Agents download the Google toolbar to translate the soufun.com website.

For those Estate Agents that are not sure, whitespace on a website are empty spaces on the web page. These whitespaces do not necessarily have to be white and is often referred to in design terms as negative space. Whitespace should not be thought as just unfilled space on an Estate Agent website, but it is certainly an important part of the overall website design process.

Estate Agents can think of whitespace in Estate Agent websites as the herbs and spices in cooking. They add flavour and under confident cooks can easily add too much, or too little.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments which Estate Agent websites he considers are the best use of whitespace, ‘Penyards, Chinneck Shaw and Scrivener and Reigner all use whitespace brilliantly.

Each of these Estate Agent websites clearly has whitespace in its website design. This then allows the property searcher to not only feel at ease with the information presented in front of them but they then also have clear calls to action.

Does your Estate Agent website feel a little cluttered? If not maybe it’s time to tell your website designer that you need some space! – .