UK wide Google Street View goes live today

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UK wide Google Street View goes live today
UK wide Google Street View goes live today

Estate Agents, as of today Google Street View is rolling out nationwide across the UK and to celebrate Resource Techniques has a little surprise for all our customers...

Google Street View was first released on the 18th of March 2009 and is a 360 degrees virtual road map. Almost one year old, it was a welcomed feature for all web designers specialising in Estate Agent web design, giving a roadside view of every property. Well almost every property.

Yesterday it only covered major towns and cities in the UK and today Google has released an update that covers 96% of roads. This is great news for modern Estate Agents that market their properties online.

The great news is that every Estate Agent that has a website with Resource Techniques will automatically be upgraded to include Google Street View for all of their properties that Google Street View covers.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques welcomes this upgrade, 'Users have become so tech savvy in the UK that they now expect modern features, such as Google Street View, on every Estate Agent website.

'Estate Agents that do not have this feature should be asking themselves and their website designer - why not?' Troy Stanley.