The History socialite - Google Tweaks: Part 2

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The History socialite - Google Tweaks: Part 2

The History socialiteEstate Agents, last time we teased agents by not revealing two Google updates that will directly affect the UK's search results. Luckily we're not feeling so juvenile this time.

The first announcement was on Google's personalised search. Previously Google held the individual website clicks, results and pages visited of every Gmail member that was signed in at the time. This design was meant to help Gmail users experience an even greater search results and the data would be kept forever or until the individual deletes it.

Now Google have decided to include everyone in their personalised search which means that even if you are not signed into Google, Google will keep up to 180 days of only what estate agents click on in Google. Agents are not able to view the search history but everyone is able to opt out of the service through some very simple clicks.

Designed to increase the user experience of search results, but a few privacy issues have been raised across the internet. Are they allowed to hold this sort of data, even if it is for the benefit for the user? The argument is there and cannot be ignored.

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Next Google have struck a deal for real-time searches to be shown in search results. The real time searches are placed on the search results page within a small box. This box contained real-time information from Twitter, Google news, Google blogs, new website pages, updated website pages, FriendFeed, Jaiku,, and TwitArmy updates. Facebook and MySpace updates possibly to follow in the future.

The box will only appear if there is a spike in information and if appeared, users have the option to pause the scrolling box just in case it becomes distracting.

This real-time search results is the next step that Google has been looking for. Social networking and information that is upto-date is becoming increasingly in demand.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Estate agents that use social networking to comment or update the latest property crisis may well find themselves on the Google website, adding even greater traffic!'

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