The crucial SEO secret that has been overlooked - by almost everyone

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The crucial SEO secret that has been overlooked - by almost everyone

Resource Techniques News - SEO secret that has been overlookedEstate agents must be careful, once this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) secret has been revealed, your estate agent website will never be on Page 5 or lower again. This secret has been stated by Google over and over again but no one has listened.

Web masters and SEO consultants all over the globe have been telling estate agents that their Meta Tags must be optimised, proper headings must be used, site maps must be built etc... (These tips do help, Resource Techniques isn't telling you to stop using SEO techniques!) But there is still one secret that either has been ignored or web masters just don't believe it to be true.

Are estate agents ready for this? Remember that this secret has been declared before...


That's the big secret.

"Content is King".

The best way to get to number one in Google is to produce compelling and relevant content. Once your estate agency website has content that people want to read, people will start to automatically link to your content. So what does this mean for estate agents?

A news section, with local and national news, is the easiest way to have relevant content on your estate agent website. Ideally this local news can include local building work, local new developments, or estate agents can write about national news that will affect property searchers in the UK will want to read. The main thing here to keep it relevant, creating content that is related to the property industry means that property searchers will want to access and read your estate agency website.

Do not fall down at the first hurdle. A few estate agents have outsourced their news feature to countries such as India where the quality of the content will be significantly lower than what is required for your website. Try writing estate agent and property industry news first hand. Firstly try to create content with your visitors (online UK property searchers) in mind then try your utmost to create content that you will want to read yourself. Once you have mastered the art of creating content that users will want to read, you will find your estate agent website teetering at the top end of Google.