The Best Estate Agent Websites

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The Best Estate Agent Websites

At Resource Techniques we pride ourselves as digital specialist for the property industry, which includes websites for estate agentsSEOsocial media and all other online marketing practices. We stride to produce the best estate agency websites so our clients can achieve their true potential online.

Over the years we have produced some stunning, user-friendly websites that impress the public daily. So as the specialists, we have decided to share our knowledge of how to create the best website for estate agents:

What makes the best estate agency websites?

Responsive Web design


Oulsnams – Estate Agents in Birmingham

From now on if you are getting a new website, responsive web design is the only way to go. Not only does it deliver the best user experience across all devices, but it is also favoured by Google and will help to boost your SEO.

With more and more people visiting estate agency websites through mobile devices, responsive really is the future of web design and is no longer a luxury but a requirement.

Forcing your visitors to use a non-mobile friendly website will only deter them as these sites are very difficult to use on a mobile device.

With potentially over 50% of traffic to an estate agency website coming from mobile devices, it has never been more important to have a fully functional and easy to use website that works across every device.  



Gallant Richardson – Estate Agents in Colchester

It may sound obvious, but user-friendliness is commonly overlooked or neglected when it comes to web design. Your website must be easy to use for everyone, not just you.

Knowing how your users think is crucial to executing this. Having excellent usability will mean that your users won’t have to think, wait or get distracted to perform the actions that you have intended them to do on your website.

When it comes to web design, simplicity and minimalism are your friends and your content should always be thought out, well written and compelling to give your website visitors the best experience possible.

Clear Navigation


Phillips And Stubbs – Estate Agents in Rye

Very few people visiting your website will want to take their time and explore your website fully. The modern internet user wants information fast and directly in front of them for an efficient and effective experience.

It is crucial that your navigation is clear, obvious and organised. Your site needs to be well structured in a way that flows as if the visitor is on a journey.

The estate agents primary navigation must include a Home button, Property Search, Services, About Us and Contact Us tabs. These are the pages users are most likely to want to visit, so make sure it is right in front of them. Ensure the contact us information is easy to find and clear as it is one of the most important pages on your site. 

Big High Resolution Imagery


Bonetts – Estate Agents in Brighton

An image really can say a thousand words. The right image can significantly improve brand recognition, will make your website more attractive and compelling to your audiences as well as make you stand out from your competition. This is why imagery is still popular and delights your users.

And despite Flash being well and truly being dead, video and animation aren’t. If you can create great videos that will grab your audience’s attention, be sure to include them within your website.  

Prominent Property Search


AJ Properties – Estate Agents in Rochdale

Despite what you may think, the majority of people visiting your website use the property search function first.

This is why the property search function should be your primary call-to-action so it needs to be clearly displayed and prominent on the homepage, front and centre!

You may think people will only search for property via the property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla but the analytics don’t lie. On average, over 80% of your user’s first interactions with your website are to search for property, so ensure it is easy for them to do.

Maps Search

Giving the user the ability to search for property on a map isn’t new but these days it is a popular way of searching for properties due to its ease of use. This type of search gives users more interactivity and makes it easier to visualise where the property is located and gives them an idea of what is around them.


Google continues to give HTTPS websites more prominence in their search engine results by ranking them up for using HTTPS.

This is because Google wants to keep their users safe online and HTTPS websites help to achieve this.  

Internet users are generally more security conscious these days when surfing the web which is why HTTPS will become a more common practice in 2017.   

To find out more about HTTPS click here.

Highly Functional Property Pages

High Resolution Photos


Quay Living – Estate Agents in Poole

When viewing properties, the user wants big, high quality photos. This is because large, high resolution images give off a truer representation of the property which is exactly what your visitors want.

Don’t let your property imagery be too deceptive, it will only harm you in the long run.  

Descriptive Property Details

People want as much true information regarding the property as possible. Not only do they want large, high quality imagery, they also want an informative description of the property answering all their questions. This way they won’t waste their time with pointless viewings.

Embedded Property Particulars

The world may have gone digital but that doesn’t mean everyone has. Some people still like having a hard copy of the property particulars. Being able to download, save and print property particulars at any time is useful for some users and it can also save estate agents time and money.

Embedded Google Maps and Street View

Once upon a time Google Maps and Street View was just a cool gimmick but now it really is a necessity. Having Google Maps and Street View embedded and functional on every property page is a must for every estate agent as it helps the user visualise the area in which the property is located.

Embedded Floorplan

All of the properties information needs to be located on your website and floorplans are no different. Having embedded floorplans that are easy to open and close without affecting the usability is crucial.

Contact Details and Social Icons

By now you should have an active social media account and you should promote this fact on your website clearly and on every property page.

The page should also include clear contact details and the ability to sign up to email alerts.

Easily Shareable

Everyone is on a social network these days which makes it even more important for you to make it easy to share your content through social channels whether it is a recent blog post or a property listing. Including these social icons throughout your website will not only make it easy for the user to share your content but it also promotes your business and social presence.

To find out how you can achieve a better website, request a Website Review.

Luke Stanley