Simple rules on how to brand an Estate Agent logo

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Simple rules on how to brand an Estate Agent logo

The best Logos are universally known and with a little insight they can separate Estate Agents from their competitors but getting your Estate Agent logo wrong could cost you dearly.

To lend a helping hand, the Estate Agent design team at Resource Techniques has compiled a list of simple rules when considering designing an Estate Agent logo.

  • 1. Research - To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupery "A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Estate Agents must write down exactly what they consider makes them unique in their market and the various logos within their local market.
  • 2. Appealing - A logo should be balanced in terms of weight, colours and size to make it as appealing as possible.
  • 3. First impressions last - Within 3 seconds of seeing your logo on your Estate Agent website, you will be judged on everything from the types of properties you have on your portfolio to the type of biscuits you may or may not give out in office.
  • 4. Simples - Each logo comes with a brand message and 'feeling' for the brand. Making your Estate Agent logo simple, yet with intelligent undertones will make your logo more than an 2D image.
  • 5. Letter to the reader - If your logo contains letters consider the font and style in which you present these letters. Fonts like comic sans will make your Estate Agency seem unprofessional.
  • 6. Tattoo - A logo is similar to a tattoo. Estate Agents must talk with design companies closely and not go ahead unless they are completely sure on the final design. Unwanted tattoos can now be removed using a laser but they leave a scar.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on Estate Agent logos, 'The first thing a property searcher or possible vendor sees when they land on your Estate Agent website is your logo. It clearly distinguishes who you are and the level of service you provide within 3 seconds'.

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