Google TV – Your Estate Agent website on television

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Google TV – Your Estate Agent website on television

Your Estate Agent website on televisionSomeone at Google sat down and thought ‘Televisions are great but you can never watch what you want, when you want.’

At the exact same time another Google employee sat down and pondered, ‘How can I make the online experience better? You can watch what you want but no one likes crowding round a computer screen.’

Somehow on the magical Google grounds, their paths crossed and Google TV was born.

Announced yesterday at Google’s largest development Event Google TV could quite possibly revolutionise the way we watch television.

Currently people that pay a little extra can get a little box that lets them pre-record the programs that they want to watch while they’re busy and then watch them back. Although good invention, it does not give Estate Agents the ability to find every single program, YouTube and associated video content.

Going further than watching shows on your TV, it connects the internet to your TV allowing people to not only watch any video content, but also surf the internet and update their social networks. This means that your Estate Agent website and web design can easily be viewed from anyone’s front room.

Luke Stanley, SEO consultant at Resource Techniques will be covering the importance of optimising your videos – something that if Google TV takes off, will be more important than ever before.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘Every Estate Agent web designer will now be looking at ensuring that all Estate Agent websites will look immaculate for TV.’