Google hides a little gem

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Google hides a little gem

Google hides a little gemSearch engines are not the most exciting thing for general members of the public so Google, every now and then, hides a 'Google Easter Egg'. Google Easter Egg's are jokes hidden within the site.

This Halloween Google decided to celebrate by changing their logo every time the user clicked on it. The first click would change the logo to a sweet wrapper covered version, another click would change it back, another click and sweet wrappers would cover it again. A final click would take the user to the search results for "Halloween 2009".

Google today have added a countdown timer, celebrating the countdown to the New Year. If there is no text in the search bar and someone clicks on 'I'm feeling lucky' a countdown timer will appear showing the number of seconds till we all join hands and Same Old Lang Syne, maybe slightly worse for wear. Try it out here!

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Easter Eggs like these add a little spice to what can be seen as monotonous by general members of the public.'