Facebook 'Spreads Syphilis'

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Facebook 'Spreads Syphilis'

Resource Techniques News - FacebookEstate Agents will be sickened to hear that recent research results have shown that Facebook increases the likelihood of having syphilis.

This will come as a shocking revelation to many and a worrying statistic to all Facebook addicts.

Research in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside shows that people that regularly log on to Facebook have a 25 percent extra chance of catching Syphilis.

Troy Stanley comments on social networking protection for Estate Agents, 'Always make sure that you are protected.

'Make sure that your computer is wearing protection, try not to put your USB into the wrong port and do not touch anything that looks suspicious.

'Estate Agents should always protect their computers with antivirus software and be wary of suspicious links that are sent to you on social networks.

Computer viruses and syphilis should always be taken very seriously.' - Troy Stanley