Estate Agent web design – Salute to the dark

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Estate Agent web design – Salute to the dark

Estate Agent web design – Salute to the darkEstate Agents choose the style of their website design depending on the branding of their company. The web design team at Resource Techniques has decided that it is time to celebrate dark website designs.

Dark Estate Agent websites are not always the popular choice for Estate Agents. Dark website designs, if properly designed, can be stunning and completely catch property searchers.

Penyards is a particularly elegant Estate Agent website. The colours and imagery used makes the website stand out and become instantly recognisable. Any property searcher will not forget this website in a hurry.

Using dark colours in Estate Agent web design is a great way for designers to highlight particular colours or areas of the website. Three excellent examples of this are the Frost and Co website, Julian Reid website and the Westcoast Properties website.

Each one clearly uses dark backgrounds and colour to highlight the main image and the property search button. This then gives the property searcher a ‘call to action’ which makes each property search button seem like it is screaming to be pressed.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on Estate Agent website design, ‘Dark web designs are not for every Estate Agent out there but they certainly make a website stand out from the crowd.

‘Why not check out Resource Techniques campaign 3 seconds to impress.’ –