Estate Agent social networking - 8 top tips

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Estate Agent social networking - 8 top tips

Estate agents know that social networking has become an important part of communicating with buyers and sellers online, but many do not realise that having a presence isn't enough. Many Estate Agents ask 'What can I do to stand out from the crowd?' Therefore Resource Techniques has constructed 8 top tips of social networking development to help Estate Agents turn Facebook 'Friends' into Facebook 'Fanatics'.

  • Set up your profile - Make it clear and concise so that property searchers instantly recognise the brand.
  • Get to know your surroundings - Do your research! See what other people around your area are talking about.
  • Respond to all communication - Ideally with positive feedback, quickly responding to messages shows dedication and reliability.
  • Connect with people - Social networking is all about making connections. Find out what interests people and find common ground.
  • Quantify your social networking - Quantifying your social networking shows what progress you have made. One example is that not only changes long links into smaller ones but it also counts the number of people that click on that link.
  • Join in the conversation - Do you know a piece of information that would help someone else? Help them.
  • Humanise the brand - let buyers and sellers see the face behind the brand. It is a nice face, let them see it!
  • Do your best to build a community - Sharing information, links and local news will attract others to join. The more the merrier!

Only after actively seeking interaction and integration into the social networking world, can Estate Agents truly use social networking to help people find their dream property. Simply setting up a social networking profile and waiting for customers to come to you is no longer good enough.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'Action negates failure in the realm of social networking. Only through action, and more importantly interaction, can Estate Agents guarantee the success of their social networking activities.'