A divine design will shine throughout the grape vine

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A divine design will shine throughout the grape vine
A divine design will shine throughout the grape vine

One of the most concentrated 4 basic elements of web design is appearance. A great website design for estate agents can be one of the factors that prompt online property searchers to repeatedly return while a great website design can also give the website that WOW factor that will compel users to investigate deeper into the website.

Just like any form of art, website design can be subjective. Estate agents have around 3 seconds to impress once a user has entered their website which means that first impressions, will most certainly last. If the website does not live up to the benchmark of expectations, estate agents can be guaranteed that the user will press the 'Back' button or the small 'x' to close the tab or web browser.

So what can Estate Agents do to check that their website design is living above the benchmark that their business deserves?

  • Ask yourself - Are you fully happy with your website? Are there some elements that have been playing on your mind?
  • Ask your customers - Ask your customers how they found the website, is the design complimentary to their needs and have they struggled to get what they want?
  • Ask a specialist - Resource Techniques designs Estate Agent websites and has been for many years.

Troy Stanley comments on website design, 'Estate Agents have to remember that their website is not for personal use but for customers to use, any time of the day, day in day out'.