Zite ipad magazine, the future of aggregated news content

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Zite ipad magazine, the future of aggregated news content


In increasingly busy times, people simply do not have the time to wade through the vast amounts of 24 hour global news from a huge array of different categories. Even BBC news has 14 main categories with 20 different sub categories on their news navigation and those aren’t even specialist subjects such as property.

The introduction of Google News and Google alerts has given people the ability to creating news content completely customised to their tastes. Not interested in celebrity or entertainment news? Simply click the ‘x’ button and you’ll never have to read about the latest manufactured pop band to win a fake award.

Whereas as an Estate Agent, you might enjoy a whole range of specialist categories such as ‘Property Market UK’ or ‘Residential Lettings UK’ from a whole variety of news sources.

This is all well and good but Estate Agents may not want to always sit at their computer to read the news. Instead, Estate Agents may fancy using their shiny new iPad whilst they sit in the morning sunshine with a fresh coffee.

Zite is the iPad’s latest app that will automatically generates either news or opinion articles whilst also giving the user the ability to customise what they want to see.

First the app asks you to sign in via Twitter or Google Reader and then uses that information to create a variety of categories to customise your magazine.

Not only that, but it is a magazine that ‘gets smarter as you use it’ by noticing which articles you read and giving you the option to like or dislike each individual articles.

Currently Zite is free to download and free from advertising – although they will be introducing advertising at a later date.

Click here to visit the Zite website and watch the video.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant