Wireless solar powered keyboard

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Wireless solar powered keyboard


Estate Agents must have noticed that we seem to have a fascination with the weird and wonderful ways that people have tried to change the keyboard. Although many offices around the UK still use the standard button ‘qwerty’ keyboard, Estate Agents have the choice of using a washable keyboard, a laser keyboard and even the ‘air keyboard’.

Remember those indestructible calculators that you had at school? Now the wonderful people at Logitech have decided that calculators shouldn’t be the only office gear that is solar powered. Enter the Logitech K750.

The Logitech K750 is hailed as the world’s first solar powered keyboard and, a few will argue, looks like one of those aforementioned school calculators.

Still it does look sleek and on those dark rainy days it can even get power from artificial light from light bulbs in the office – again the same as a solar powered calculator. It is also only 1/3 of an inch thick and shockingly it is completely wireless giving Estate Agents maximum mobility within their office.

The price is £69.99, about 4 and a half times as much as a normal wireless keyboard, but think about how much money will be saved on batteries!