Windows 7 for your iPad...

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Windows 7 for your iPad...

What is the world coming to? Windows now available on the iPad...

OnLive is launching a free app that will allow you to use Windows 7 via an iPad.

Cloud gaming service OnLive has released an iPad-optimised version of Windows 7. The app is easy to use with pinch-to-zoom, flick scrolling, aero snap capabilities and comes complete with a full virtual keyboard.

The OnLive desktop will also run Microsoft office programmes including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as lets you view Flash through Windows 7.

This may be a godsend for windows fans with an iPad but I’m sure this won’t go down to well with avid apple fans.

The free version of OnLive Desktop comes with 2GB of cloud storage space and is accessible on an "as available" basis. For power users, there's OnLive Desktop Pro, which serves up 50GB of cloud storage, a cloud-accelerated browser, extra apps and priority access for US$9.99 a month.

Learn more about the OnLive Desktop here.