Why you should schedule Tweets

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Why you should schedule Tweets

One of the most important ways to promote your estate agency is through a Social Media with Facebook and Twitter being the most common social channels to continually promote your brand.

However for many small businesses managing the day-to-day operations of your Social Media campaign can take up a lot of your time, making it difficult to stay active and engaged.

To get the full benefit out of Twitter you need to tweet, retweet, reply, mention, promo and direct message...

Here are 3 reasons to schedule your tweets:

1. Save time

Scheduling your tweets only takes a few minutes giving you the rest of the week to take care of your business. A lot of the time people get bogged down with work and simply forget to tweet throughout the day. With scheduled tweets you can focus on the rest of your work without forgetting to update your Twitter account.

2. Helps gain more exposure

Scheduling your tweets for peak hours will give them maximum exposure.  Obviously you can do this manually but again it is very easy to forget and miss the right timeslot. Prepare ahead and have your tweets scheduled.

3. Give your audience a breather

To save time many companies post all their tweets at once. This can be quite annoying for your followers as you are clogging up their feed with back-to-back tweets which could result in people unfollowing you. However if you spread your tweets out throughout the day it will keep your account engaged with your audience.

In conclusion scheduling tweets is a great way to minimise effort and maximise results.

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