Why is Responsive so popular?

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Why is Responsive so popular?

For now, the future challenge every estate agent will face when it comes to web design is to find a way to accommodate the forever growing number of devices being used by potential customers. These devices come in a number a sizes and formats which unfortunately means that your online presence will have to adapt to the growing need for a business to be mobile friendly.

In the past, having the bare essential information displayed on a mobile website was acceptable, however your  audiences expectations are much higher now with 85% of users expecting any company’s mobile website to be as good as or better than their desktop website.

Due to these higher expectations it has led to the mobile first approach to web design. This means websites are being designed primarily with the mobile user in mind, and adapting to desktop secondary. This is a much more future proof approach as mobile usage will soon surpass desktop usage.

Responsive web design continues to grow in popularity as it allows for one website to be used for all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), which at the end of the day results in lower costs, better continuity of user experience and lasting results.

With the growth of mobile usage, responsive web design is now the industry standard for all websites. The mobile first approach for web design will be sure to grow in popularity throughout 2015 as estate agents will want to guarantee their audiences expectations are met and exceeded with fabulous responsive websites.

Responsive web design allows a website to achieve a total mobile optimised user experience. To learn more about responsive websites, click here ‘Responsive Web Design for Estate Agents’.

Mobile-friendly websites are now an extremely important part of any website and even more so with estate agency websites as over 40% of traffic to an estate agent website comes from a mobile device. It is vital that every estate agent has a mobile optimised site otherwise they could be letting their audience down or even losing potential customers. 

Luke Stanley