Which hat should estate agents choose? Black or White?

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Which hat should estate agents choose? Black or White?


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a fundamental part of providing traffic to a website. It is the process of changing the design of an estate agent website so that the website ranks higher in search engine's results. These results are organic or 'non-paid' results. Not only are organic results in search engines free but it provides a larger amount of traffic than Pay Per Click or PPC.

There are currently two ways to optimise your website for search engines. The first way is Black hat SEO and the second way is White hat SEO. White hat SEO conforms to the rules that have been set out by search engines and looks towards a long term solution, whereas Black hat SEO is a short term solution.

White hat SEO for estate agents

White hat SEO is seen as the pure SEO. White hat SEO services work hard to follow the search engine rules to create unbeatable content, keywords, Backlinks, with Meta data. Estate agents will find that White hat SEO is there for the long run. Using White hat SEO to move up the rankings in search engines this way takes time and a lot of effort but is worth it. Once there, other companies will find it hard to displace you, and as long the SEO service is being properly implemented, the website will stay there.

Black hat SEO for estate agents

Black hat SEO is known for its unethical practices. It finds ways to manipulate the way search engines index web page using specialist industry knowledge. There are several known ways such as keyword stuffing, hidden or invisible text, link farming and Meta tag stuffing. Black hat SEO is a short term solution to provide rankings for your website as search engines are quick to catch on and black list your estate agent website.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques warns, "Estate agents beware of SEO services claiming that they will get you to the number one rank in Google in no time at all. Unless you are willing to accept that your estate agent website will temporarily be listed higher before the mighty search engines catch up."

Resource Techniques only provide white hat SEO services. We are dedicated to constantly pushing you estate agent website to the top of search engines while committing to white hat techniques. Did you find this article interesting, try reading 'Estate agents, SEO services are not for Christmas' or 'top 5 SEO website design tips for estate agents'.