What is it you want from your Estate Agent website?

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What is it you want from your Estate Agent website?


There’s no denying that your website is the shop window to your Estate Agency. In today’s internet age, there is more chance that people will first see your business online than anywhere else. This means that unless your website reaches the user’s self-perceived website benchmark, there’s not a chance that they’re coming back.

One of the biggest mistakes made when ordering a website is that Estate Agents already have an idea of what they want in their mind. Essentially this isn’t a bad thing when Estate Agents stick to the basics such as high resolution photos, interactive mapping and editable pdf property brochures, but when Estate Agents start dreaming of websites fully made out of flash or mistakes that are bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

So what is the best thing for Estate Agents to concentrate on when ordering a website? Should you look for the latest features, the best SEO knowledge, or the latest web design trends?

In the end, Estate Agents need the whole package because by only having the whole package can Estate Agents get what they really want – for people to pick up the phone and speak to a negotiator.

Everything else is just glitter along the yellow brick road to getting what you want. Closing the deal and getting money in the bank

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant