Welcome to our first e-news bulletin for the 21st century estate agent

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Welcome to our first e-news bulletin for the 21st century estate agent


Estate agents, we are amidst a digital golden era. From the very young to the very old people are increasingly spending more time on the internet and incorporating it into their daily lives, from reading the news and communicating with friends, family and colleagues to shopping and banking online, they're even searching for their new home online. Estate agents that have embraced this have found a new wave of property searchers that have propelled them into the forefront of the property industry. 'But what is Resource Techniques doing to immerse me into the pool of digital knowledge,' we hear you cry...

Well this is great news for estate agents! Resource Techniques is now providing our first e-news bulletin! The bulletin will baptise estate agents into the digital pool of knowledge until silicon is coming out of their ears. But never fear, Resource Techniques will gently guide estate agents into topics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web design, useful gadgets, social networking, 3 seconds to impress and general internet news.

Our first mailer will include many interesting titles such as; '25 internet stats that will blow your mind', '3 seconds to impress - a must read for every website owner', 'Minesweeper and solitaire - the hidden education from the misunderstood demon', 'Gadget of the week - 5 top Sat Navs reviewed,' and lastly, 'Complete Twitter Guide for Estate Agents.'

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments,'"the e-news bulletin is a must have for estate agents. We are providing them, free of charge, with the latest industry news, easy to follow guides, gadgets, and statistics that show the changing behaviours of today's tech savvy society.'

Social networking is a must have for the modern estate agents! Do you have a social networking profile? Add us on our Facebook page or Twitter profile or you can add Troy Stanley on LinkedIn! Estate agents will not only be able to directly communicate with our dedicated team but we will provide estate agents with useful links that'll make them think and laugh.