Website design vs. website content - the battle estate agents will never see

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Website designers provide website design or content to the best of their ability. Many designers for estate agents concentrate on one over the other and this could end up ruining the estate agents that they supplied for. Concentrating too much on a website's design won't give you the traffic to your online estate agent and concentrating too much on a website's content will lower your overall user experience.

Overpowering website design

Website designers that concentrate purely on website design for estate agents tend to have websites all in flash. They feel that they can empty your pocket because the websites look visually impressive. Estate agents need to be careful of these designers because they can fail to provide usability that internet users require. One major mistake is just having too much content on the page when users are just looking for that 'property search button'.

Another downfall is that the website designers can fail to design websites for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means that a Bristol estate agent will not show when anyone types in "Estate Agents in Bristol" so in other words, you'll have a flashy website but no one will be there to see it.

Unbearable website content

On the other hand there are website designers can act more like SEO consultants. They will purely concentrate on content and SEO. Your website will be at the top of search engines but it'll look like you're either trying to scam customers out of their money or your website will give users a virus.

A clear indicator of this would be a high bounce rate. If you are unsure about bounce rate, check out an article by Troy Stanley on Bounce rate.


By providing a good balance between website design and content, estate agents can give their customers the visual impact to impress with usability and a user friendly website to allow them to achieve their own goals.

Resource Techniques provides estate agents with websites that are the best in the industry. We have specialised in property websites for estate agents and know the delicate balance between estate agent website design, content and SEO.

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