Website design of the week – Acorn properties in Weston-Super-Mare

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Website design of the week – Acorn properties in Weston-Super-Mare

Estate Agent website designs are completely unique, displaying the branding and style of each Estate Agent. Acorn Properties, Estate Agent in Weston-Super-Mare is by no means an Estate Agent that can be missed.

This week the designers are looking at Acorn Properties. Acorn Properties is a specialist letting and property management agent covering Weston-Super-Mare.

There’s no denying that this website is striking and vibrant. As stated in our article on colour theory, orange symbolises hope, vitality and Happiness. Supporting this both models in the picture, possibly mother and daughter, are both smiling and wearing the orange colour.

The colour green on the logo and large button on the right hand side symbolises nature and environment. Combining these two colours has created a vivacious Estate Agent website.

Confidently Acorn Properties have uploaded an article on their 14 day challenge onto their news stating that they if they have no found a tenant within 14days they will reduce all fees by 50%.

Acorn Properties have a large portfolio with beautiful properties and impressive features including embedded Google Mapping, Google Street view, email alerts, printable property particulars and many more. Each property also has high resolution photography that opens up in its own viewer without leaving the page.

Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques CTO comments, ‘This website design of the week sums up the Acorn Properties website perfectly - it is a striking, vibrant and vivacious Estate Agent website.’