Web Design With Your Audience In Mind

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Web Design With Your Audience In Mind


What makes a good website? You may think that a good website is one with stunning imagery and design that makes people go “wow”; however a beautiful website isn’t necessarily a good website.

Of course you will want a beautifully designed website but beauty isn’t enough when it comes to web design.

Putting your customers first

What many estate agents fail to realise is that their website isn’t about them, it’s about their customers. As the owner of the business, you won’t use your website; however your audience will all the time so why build something that is designed for you and not them?

Having a beautiful website is pointless if your customers can’t find what they are looking for and it’s even more pointless if it can be found in Google.

Your website should be designed with your customer in mind, focusing on solving their queries and problems.

Your website should provide the support and accessibility that your audience requires and not be overly focused on promotional offers or sales.

Make it all about your audience

When you are designing your website, a lot of the design is picked on your personal opinion and preference. But have you considered what your customers will want?

By understanding your audience, you will discover what content you need to produce, and that content can then be used to dictate the final design and layout of your website.  

The design should be built around your customer-focused content; the content should never be an afterthought.

A customer focused website

If you get it right, your website will solve all your customers problems, talk their language and become their source of information for your services.

It will be easy to navigate and use on any device, and the content will answer all the questions users’ questions and more.

By learning what your customers want, you will be able to deliver a great user-experience which will make the user not only trust you more as a business but engage with them too.

By having a more customer focused website you will generate and convert a lot more traffic, leads and sales so don’t neglect the customer experience. 

Luke Stanley