Web Design Mistakes That Are Harming You

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Web Design Mistakes That Are Harming You


A website will act as the face of a company; it is likely to be the first point of contact for potential customers and will be a big part of what makes them chose whether or not they want to do business with you.

This is why having a high quality website is vital if you want to find success online but what is considered a low quality website?

Here are 5 flaws that potential customers hate and will harm you:

1) Unresponsive pages  

By now you should know what a responsive website is and if you don’t have one you are likely to be neglecting up to half of your audience by making your content unreadable, your menus fiddly and wasting your users time by forcing them to constantly pinch and zoom to work your website.

2) Amateur design

A lot of thought and research should go into the design and functionality of your website. Your web designer needs to know how your audience will use your website, how to optimise it for marketing purposes and how to build a strong, flexible foundation. To get the best from your website you must employ the most qualified and experienced to build your industry specific website.  

3) Lack of usability

Usability is arguably the most important factor when it comes to web design. Your website must attract and engage users in order for them to convert their usage into sales. Your website should flow smoothly, any distraction or chances of wrong turns can leave customers feeling lost and confused of where to click. You need to make the process as easy as possible for them.

Your site should also load extremely quickly. Don’t give the user a chance to hit the back button.

4) Don’t be too salesy

It may be your website but it is for your customers. Think about what they need to know, help them find solutions to their problems and put the answers in front of them.

Don’t toot your own horn all the time; it will only deter your audience.

5) No SEO

Your website may be beautiful, functional, user-friendly, modern and professional but if no one can find your website then it’s pointless.

Looks and usability isn’t enough to make you appear highly in Google, your website must be SEO optimised. 

Luke Stanley