Web Design For Estate Agents: Trends that need to be retired

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Web Design For Estate Agents: Trends that need to be retired

Trends come and go with time and it is no different for websites for estate agents. Here we have selected a few common web design trends that need to be retired:

Irrelevant elements

This is a very common issue amongst estate agents. They provide the users with too many elements that don’t actually bring any real value to the audience or website. Many even affect the user experience negatively.

Crowded and cluttered designs, with too much text can slow down the user’s process considerably. Many estate agents choose to include pointless gimmicks, just because it may seem cool to them.

Avoid the hypes!

Using multiple fonts throughout the site

This is less common but still an issue. Having different fonts on the same page or even the same website isn’t advised. Choose one font and stick with it throughout.

Pay-per-click campaigns

Choosing to run a pay-per-click campaign instead of investing time and money into improving your organic SEO will cost you in the long run. Not only that, organic wins 94% of the time, meaning only 6% of people click on PPC links.

Don’t let PPC dominate your online search efforts.

Outdated text

Does your site still have Copyright 2011 at the bottom of the page? Have you not updated your blog in 6months?

These are the sort of things that will make your visitors think you are lazy and unprofessional. A professional business maintains all aspects of their website, ensuring it is providing their users with the best user experience.

Too much text based content

Of course your website needs content and more content can help you to optimise for a wider array of things. However your content still needs to be snappy and to the point, it needs to include photos, videos and other graphics to draw the users in.

Combining content and visuals is the best way to advertise your business and help the users to understand who you are and what you do.

None mobile friendly websites

Websites these days need to be made for mobile. Mobile usage has continued to rise year after year and now on average around 40% of estate agency traffic comes from a mobile device (and this is likely to grow). If you don’t already have a mobile optimised website then it shoulbe be top priority for you to get one. 

Luke Stanley