Washable keyboard update!

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Washable keyboard update!

Designed to keep you hygienic, the washable keyboard was an instant hit with Estate Agents. After a large amount of positive feedback, our team decided to scour the internet for any related gadgets that will help Estate Agents keep clean - at least while they're working at their computer!

Our extensive research concluded with the 'Bendi Board™'. The Bendi Board™ is made out of a waterproof silicone that lets estate agents; bend, fold, roll-up and even dunk in water. This is perfect to wash off previous lunches off your keyboard including; coffee, soup, and Beanzawave.

Not only that, but the Bendi Board™ also glows white or a translucent blue, giving estate agents that extra bit of 'cool' that many deserve.

Typing is soft and comfortable on the fingers, which will ease many repetitive strain injuries that can many have fallen victim to after years of working at a computer.

A word of warning: A few reviews on the internet have stated that this invention, although incredibly 'cool', is not for a speed/touch typist. Commentators have testified that unless the key is directly struck, the letter will not type or two letters will type at once. Resource Techniques' advice is to use the keyboard in this article.

Not sold by the Bendi Board™? Why not try a mini USB vacuum cleaner.

The USB vacuum cleaner plugs straight into your computer and hovers up bits of dust and food particles. Many come with different heads such as brush or a rubber tube to get into the hard-to-reach places.

Some even come with a 'High Power' button to increase the strength of the suction. Unfortunately for those estate agents that want to look popular, the suction will not be enough to give your neck a self made hickey!

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