Typography for Estate Agents

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Typography for Estate Agents

Estate Agents will find typography is everywhere on the internet

For Estate Agents that are unsure, typography is the art of arranging letters and symbols. The word typography is derived from two Greek words ‘typos’ which means ‘mark, figure’ and ‘grapho’ meaning ‘I write’.

Historically typography was for specialists until the dawning of the digital age. From then typography has opened up many web designers and graphic designers.

Typography is a very broad subject Estate Agents may also know typography as another name – fonts.

Fonts are a subcategory of typography and is a defined as a complete character set in that style, although the traditional definition separates sizes within a style.

Generally fonts have 7 characteristics:

  • Weight – This is the thickness of each individual character compared to the height.
  • Slope – The angle of which the fonts are displayed, usually leaning from left to right.
  • Width – Simply put - how wide the fonts are presented.
  • Optical size – The overall size of the characters.
  • Metrics – The numerical values that are associated to the font in question.
  • Serifs – Serif fonts are fonts that include extra details on the ends of the characters.
  • Proportion – This determines whether the letters have a variable or fixed width.

Unfortunately Estate Agents aren’t able to choose to have any font they wish on their web design or Estate Agent website. This is because not all computers have every single font available on the web. Web designers give our Estate Agent websites a choice of web safe fonts, which as the name suggests, are fonts that are ‘safe to use’.