Top 5 photography iPhone apps

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Top 5 photography iPhone apps


At the risk of alienating camera enthusiasts, mobile phone cameras have all but eliminated the need for the amateur photographer to buy a separate camera.

Of course for Estate Agents won’t use anything but a professional for their property particulars, but this doesn’t stop you from using it on your own iPhone.

  • Camera+

This app is self-styled as a camera app for the seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera. The features includes touch focus, flashlight, a stabiliser, grid lines, zoom, scene modes, crop, boarders and effects.

For 59p and 121 ratings averaging 4 ½ stars, it is the iPhone’s top camera app.

  • Hipstamatic

This app has become a cultural phenomenon amongst iPhone users. What makes it so good is that it converts your digital photos into old plastic toy cameras so that every photo is joyfully over exposed.

There is not just one setting on this either, through In App purchases, Estate Agents can change the lense, film and flash to recreate photos of the past.

The price is minute at £1.19, but Estate Agents mustn’t forget that each In App Purchase is 59p.

  • FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio app is the third favourite in the iTunes app store. It is the only app in this list that has a full 5 stars and is definitely worth a look.

The list of features is impressive. It has 187 photo effects and filters in 20 categories, ability to mix effects, favourite effects, hide unused effects, crop, undo, brightness adjustment, filter, as well as much more.

Estate Agents, at 59p this camera app is certainly worth a look.

  • Color Splash

Ever seen those ‘Sin City’ style of photos where only one colour is selected? Well now you can recreate that effect on your iPhone with Color Splash.

With a social sharing option, soon you’ll distributing vivid pictures to all your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts.

Color Splash is priced at 59p.

  • iMovie

Not exactly a photography app, but the iMovie is worth a look.

iMovie is by Apple themselves and gives its buyers the ability to create ‘beautiful HD movies anywhere’ and claim that anyone can make movies in minutes.

With an incredible list of features and functions, the iMovie can add photos, music, sound effects, themes, titles and much more.

For £2.99 it is the most expensive app in the list but is worth every penny.

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