Tis the season to watch Google tra la la la

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Tis the season to watch Google tra la la la

Recently Resource Techniques has covered three tantalising Google tweaks, properties on Google maps - a little bit of history repeating, and Google hides a little a gem showing that Google seems to have stepped up its recent releases and updates of its services.

Google even announced today, at the same time as Facebook, that they will be soon providing a URL or website address shortening service to compete against bit.ly. Goo.gl or fb.me have both been released on a limited basis, with goo.gl is only available via the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner and fb.me is reportedly only used via mobile.

Fear not bit.ly fans, the shortening service is still industry leading and has announced a 'Pro version' of the bit.ly service. Features include a custom URL service as well as a 'unique' real-time dashboard with even more information than before. The pro service is still in its beta stage and is available on request via this form.

Not only that but Google have advertised Chrome on the front and back page of the Metro which has a circulation of around 1.3 million. It seems that Google is now pushing Chrome to become the mainstream browser through tradition forms of advertising to reach the less tech savvy users.

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