The basic elements of Estate Agent web design

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The basic elements of Estate Agent web design

Estate Agent web design is unlike any other website you will come across. They have no shopping carts or even a payment system, but they have the ability to market their service in more diverse and interesting ways than any other website.

Essentially there are a number of basic elements to an Estate Agent's website, each one adding a different marketing dimension whilst giving the overall user experience a significant boost.

Estate Agents missing any one of the follow list are putting themselves at risk at not offering vendors the full range of services that give the best user experience possible.

  • Call to Action - Buyers and vendors should come to your page and be hit by a web design ton of bricks. With a stunning and professional website design they instantly recognise the brand and then see that property search button that's screaming to be pressed.
  • Navigation - There are no two ways about it. The navigation has to be clear and structured and not a maze of links and obscure signposts.
  • High resolution photos - High resolution photos should be one of the fundamental basics when Estate Agents are considering a new web design. Small and pixelated images help no one.
  • Branding - Your Estate Agent brand is important to you and choosing a web design company that can create a website which best represents you as a company.
  • Enhanced mapping - For the majority of Estate Agent websites, enhanced mapping is not a basic feature, but there are no reasons why it shouldn't be. Enhanced mapping should be on every Estate Agent website giving property searchers the functionality that they deserve. Visit the Frost and Co website property search feature.
  • Email alerts - Property searchers are not free to keep checking the Estate Agent website 100% the time. They love the ability to not only choose the types of properties that are suitable for them but also have them sent directly to their inbox.

That's not even the complete list of basic elements that make up an Estate Agent's website. Contact us for the complete list as well as a free web review.