Stats for the informed commercial agents

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We have talked in the past about Google+ and how the commercial agent and chartered surveyor should probably give this social media platform another look. Google has ambitious plans for the platform that they launched in June 2011 and have said that they plan to grow it over the next 12 months. We have already commented on how many ‘in-the-know’ believe that Google+ could become the new Google as the company moves to integrate many of its services into one point.

Furthermore, in an interview with Bloomberg in December, Google Senior VP Vic Gondotra said that when naming the platform, they very nearly called it Google 2.0 in order to indicate the connections across the company’s services.

We came across some interesting statistics that the wonderful Huffington Post discovered about Google+, that might cause you to give it another look.

  • 625,000 new users join very day
  • Everyday the “+1” button is used 5m times
  • Websites that use the “+1” button increase page traffic by 350%
  • 40% of marketeers already use Google+
  • While 70% plan to learn more about it