Some Good News?

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Some Good News?

Good NewsMarket research recently conducted, on buyers sentiment showed that the current state of the economy has the potential to be good news for estate agents.

Badger Holdings managing director Seamus Kavanagh said, "The crisis talk on the state of the economy has been us and, with the housing industry receiving its fair share of bad news, it has undoubtedly caused buyers confidence to fall dramatically, reporting after undertaking the research found a favorable promise across the board.

The research was complied of three different categories

  • With House Prices lower, first time buyers felt it was the right time to climb aboard the property ladder.
  • Another percentage wanted to buy accommodation for their children while attending university.
  • While the remaining percentage were homeowners trading up market, and were moving to take advantage of the current market with house prices lower, with needing to relocate for work reasons also finding itself in this category.

Badger Holdings managing director felt that good news was emerging after recent announcements of interest rate cuts.