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Social Media Workout


This morning I had an epiphany.

Leading on from last month’s article on Social Media engagement, I realised that Estate Agents need structure. Structure is the weekly gym class that helps us achieve our goals and without structure we’d not only fail to attend, but if we did we’d all run around flailing our arms and legs achieving absolutely nothing.

Twitter and exercise are therefore vastly similar. They’re both good for you, but other things just keep cropping up and a bit like promising to exercise, I fear that Estate Agents may want to be part of twitter, but lack structure.

So consider this article like one of those exercise videos.

Bookmark this article and every time you feel like your Estate Agency is being slack, give it another read to give yourself a social media ‘kick up the bum’.

  • Monday – Use that disused boxed called twitter search and find at least 10 people to follow in your local area. Try reading our advanced twitter search article for more information.
  • Tuesday – Create a twitter list. Put all the local people you follow on this list. 
  • Wednesday - Read your ‘local people’ twitter list for and send at least 5 of those 10 followed people a tweet.
  • Thursday – Repeat Wednesday’s action with the rest of the 5 people.
  • Friday – Send an industry leader or influencer a tweet.

Extra points

  • Saturday & Sunday – show the human face behind your brand. Tell people how you are enjoying your weekend and engage with people using twitter correctly.
  • Each day – post a link to an article you’ve written on your website. For extra information, read the importance of content for Estate Agents and Estate Agents must measure their social networking.

Remember this is just to kick-start your social networking activity. It is then up to Estate Agents to ‘take the ball and run with it’.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media consultant