Smart phone mobile storage

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Smart phone mobile storage


Whether it’s 16GB or 32GB, smart phones generally have a limited amount of memory due to their handheld size. Although this seems like that should easily last a life time, there will come a point that you’ve taken enough photos and videos, downloaded enough apps, sent enough text messages and uploaded enough music to fill your phone.

This is where the Pogoplug Mobile by Cloud Engines lends a helping hand – at a price of course.

The original ‘Pogoplug’ is a device that connects any external hard drives to the internet meaning that Estate Agents can access their files as many as 4 external hard drives anywhere that’s got an internet connection.

Now Cloud Engines have launched Pogoplug mobile which allows you to stream your files from your computer onto your mobile as well as saving all your mobile data through its various apps and mobile browsers.

The device simply plugs into your USB drive and then Estate Agents can instantly see all their images, music, movies and files stored within the cloud.

Unfortunately this is only available for pre-order in the U.S. for the 1st October at the price of $79.99. As usual, the Brits will have to wait!

The Pogoplug Mobile is compatible with the iPhone and iPad with the operating system (OS) of 4.2 or later and android with OS 2.1 or later.

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