Small Facebook fan page change

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Small Facebook fan page change


Estate Agents that have checked their Facebook Fan page today may or may not have seen a tiny change.

Before we continue remember that stats aren’t everything. They do give you an indication of your progress and reach but do not whittle away the hours worrying about the size of your Facebook fans – this will increase over time.

Accessing your wall will reveal a small grey text with ‘Impressions’ and ‘Feedback’ located under the picture or text of the last link that the Facebook page shared.

Impressions - simply the number of times that the link you have shared has appeared on your fan’s Newsfeed or the number of times a Facebook user has seen it on your wall.

Feedback – the percentage of comments and likes per impression.

Although this is not a big change, and has not promoted that widely on social media, intertwine this with the number of fans and it is still a useful tool to gauge the visibility, impact and response of each Facebook post.

James Coyne - eMarketing and Social Media Consultant